Journal Clubs


The Journal Club takes place on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 11:00 am in our small seminar room (1st floor) of our institute. Everyone from the institute is invited to participate during this brain storming session. Generally a person in charge for that week will introduce and discuss on a fascinating paper in the field of his/her research interests.


Institutional Seminar

The Institutional seminar is attended by all students and scientists currently involved in research projects at our center. This take places on a weekly basis every Thursday at 11:00 am in our seminar room (1st floor). This seminar allows us to discuss our ongoing projects and also current research topics.


This seminar is chaired by the directors of the institute and is open to all members of the the institute including technicians, physicians, undergraduates, doctoral students, postdocs, and competents scientists. This seminar allows discussing and exchanging ideas on our ongoing research projects amidst a group of competent researchers.




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